Bulgarian Paganini
title: Bulgarian Paganini - year: 2010

Track on the first ep published on vynil “Dumbsteppers ep” by Rexistenz Records.

“The Milan label RXSTNZ presents a new various artist picture disc 12” featuring excellent dystopian images of collapsing buildings by Vins Gross and graphics by a034 on each side. Opser, who we’d really like to see more releases from, contributes ‘NoNostante’ on A2, a hard hitting, grinding, scraping mid-tempo track full of bass great for experimental enthusiasts. Manual destruction’s B1 titled ‘Electric Bass Monster’ is creative electro with lots of humor from the melodic intro leading into the vibrant, dance inducing loops. B2 by Mbst8 contributes a nice broken beat number. This 12” is extremely varied in terms of technique, music genres and approaches to disrupt the dancefloor.”