Vuntrve | a034
title: Vuntrve - year: 2019

Track “Vntrve” for the first vinyl issue by the new label born inside the Vinyl Resistance Festival, that takes place at the Boccaccio Squat (Monza) every year as a moment dedicated to the underground labels, to meet and exchange their productions as well as discuss about the world of underground vinyl production.

From Toolbox Records:
“Black Qirex & Boccaccio Presents : Vinyle Resistance Festival !
Serypgraphied sleeve and Insert with explanation about this project.
A deeply human project between a squat and a sound system. Together united for an event called “Vinyl resistance Festival”.
This is their first vinyl, and so called the event exist since 3 years. A Village-Label devoted to the autorpoduction and the undeground into electronic music. 2 days festival… A pure jewel !”