About a034
a034 live @ macao 2017. video report by ursss.com


a034 is an electronic music solo project.

started in 1995 with some keyboards and a fostex multitrack tape recorder, then evolved with the use of 8-bit trackers for Dos (fast tracker and scream tracker) and later with fruity loops, ableton live, grooveboxes, synths, noise machines, contact microphones, diy pedals and everything could emit some noise.

firstly it was not meant to be more than an experiment at home, but thanks to my longtime friend bruno dorella and tijuana records, the embryo of the cult italian label bar la muerte, it began somehow to spread.

in 25 years of activity I have been collaborating with many entities and I have been part of musical and artistic collectives like acid drops dept, free parties organisers with trippy and dark-psychedelic soul, the v.a.l.i.s. collective, who organised some big events in Italy with robotic performances during the musical acts, no human no cry, who organised some big festivals and performative/artistic events in small italian villages and squatts.

I collaborated with many artists such as bbs, skeeme, bruno dorella, hyena, mbst8, kimera, ludmila, nachtwandler, luca valisi, ovo, allun, ?alos, endrago, zona mc, lfo demon, ronin, femina faber, nyuchin, ripit, tzii, davich, synthelabo, bugo, julie’s haircut, everest magma, katherine betteridge, mumba jumba, uoki tochi and many others.

In 2008 I co-founded the rexistenz records (music label and underground collective) together with pablito el drito, hyena, mbst8, manual destruction, opser and degrade, that today has a dense catalogue of records/cds/digital releases. Worshipping the beauty of confusion, border breaking, contamination and structure demolition our aim is to produce the music we like.

Other projects

Nuke Satori

Started in the mid 90s with my friend BBS as a live-music band.
We have been playing livesets at freeparties, in clubs, pubs, squats, houses of friends and anywhere we could.
To get rid of the lag we experienced connecting gear, we had the weird idea to throw away midi cables and began playing by manual sync: this became our main feature.
Nuke Satori produced some tracks put out by labels like hydrophonic and blackqirex. we published a 12″ vynil on the sforzesco incisioni label named “hands on imperative”.
We also started a “web-label” to produce some music we liked and started the Nuke Satori Web Production: the site nukesatori.org is not online anymore but the works we published are still downloadable HERE.
Listen to some of our music: NUKE SATORI LIVE


Live improvisation without sync plugged in a channel of a dj’s mixer. This was Sixfigurenigga, a trio that involved Skeeme, owner of Hydrophonic Records… a sort of uncontrollable mayhem in which Skeeme tried to mix records to Nukesatori’s music.
We have been playing live in many occasions pushing 180 bpm beats, from hard techno to raggajungle, junglist, breakcore, drum’n’bass, tekno and even pop records.
You can listen to our only release on vynil HERE.


ambient-noise duo by a034 and bruno dorella.
Under this name we have partecipated to productions on the most creative labels in the noise scene such as radon studio (usa), napalmed (cz) and rarefazioni uterine (it).
We did just one concert, in occasion of the first power noise massacre festival at s.q.o.t.t.

Figli di Diapa

Project based on impro ambient-noise live jamming by a034 with Hyena and Mbst8.
We have been playing live many times proposing a trippy mixture of drones and rhythms.
Listen: LIVE-1 | LIVE-2

Alice and her boyband

Pop-tekno-punk project with Kimera (Alice), Hyena and Mbst8.
Live fast, die young: this project lasted few years in which we had a lot of fun mixing pop and borderline electronics on the words of our princess Alice. Also this project was mainly a live-impro band. We have been playing live few times, including a really mad gig at Tacheless (Berlin).
Listen and watch: LIVE @ COX18

Jesus and side chain

This is a side solo moniker used for fun while publishing some tracks featuring an extreme use of the sidechain technique.
Something has been published by the label Light Item, here, and the only entire work by Rxstnz, here.